Life is imperfect. It’s unpredictable, flawed, and impermanent. I aim to capture the beauty in that- in the broken, discarded, and withered. In things we often try to fix or hide. A landscape, a flower, a sunset: these are traditional paradigms of beauty. I am passionate about catching things where they fall and seeing the magnitude in subtleties of daily life.

I approach much of my work, particularly the texture collection, with certain guiding philosophies of wabi-sabi, a concept based on finding beauty in imperfection and impermanence, specifically the natural lifecycle of all things. Within this approach, I am also drawn to duality: the light within the dark, the solid within the delicate, the joy within the despair. Above all, I revere authenticity. 

We mark our lives by the the things we can put on paper; we document our accomplishments, the places we’ve been, the milestones we reach. The real substance in life, though, is often found in the non-moment, between the occasions and marked events. Life is what goes on behind the scenes. This is where I aim my camera. 

Consistent with this idea, I engage in no staging or over-manipulation of the images. These photographs are merely the remains of fleeting moments in time.  Through my camera lens, I view the world around me with a sensitivity to the overlooked and the hidden. I have found that even a trivial wisp of time may bring a simple realization of beauty amidst the chaos.  

Look harder.